Glitter Card Cake Toppers

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7pc Cake toppers set included 1pcs Happy Birthday cake topper, 3pcs star toppers and 3pcs love heart toppers. Included is also 8 sticks and glue dots to attach the cake topper and cake decorations.


Our cake toppers come in 12 different colours to choose from and can add an elegant touch for your birthday party.


Cake Topper Size: Approx. Width x Height= 7" x 4 " (18 x 10cm) / Heart Size: 1.5”/ Star Size: 1.5”


Our Glitter Cake Toppers are made of quality thick card stock.


These Glitter Cake toppers are easy to assemble. They do not come pre-attached to the stick, you need to attach stick to "Happy Birthday" design and star, heart toppers by the include glue and stick into any cake or cupcake.