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Halloween Balloon Arch - 70pcs

Halloween Balloon Arch - 70pcs

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DIY Balloon Arch Kit 

The balloon arch kit contains:  

  • 10x13cm orange balloons 
  • 10X13cm green balloons 
  • 10X13cm purple balloons 
  • 20X28cm black balloons 
  • 10X28cm white balloons 
  • 4X28cm white balloons with white spots 
  • 4X28cm white balloons with black spots 
  • 1X33cm white balloons 
  • 1X33cm black balloons 
  • Additional sticky tape  

All the balloons in the kit are made from natural rubber latex and are advised to be inflated with a pump. The balloon arch is easy to make and the pack comes with visual instructions to guide you with the assembly. Each balloon in the kit compliments the theme of Halloween and is the perfect and easy grand addition to your party.  

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