How To Plan The Perfect Christening

How To Plan The Perfect Christening

So, your baby has finally arrived! It is an exciting and time, and you are probably thinking about things you may never of even considered before you were pregnant - especially if this is your first child. If you are a christian family, you may wish to plan a christening for your child but you might not know the best way to go about it. Well, this blog is here to help with some of the most important things to consider when planning your perfect christening!


The Church

You have decided to opt to go for a tradition church christening, the first port of call is to contact your church. You will need to get in touch with and talk to your vicar about your plans. Upon your vicars approval, the main question you need an answer to is whether the christening will be part of a special service or of the regular Sunday worship. Top tip: ensure everyone is available before choosing the date you would like to hold the christening - can you imagine if the godparents were not available on the day of your christening!


Choosing The Godparents

You should consider who you would like your child’s godparents to be before you arrange the christening, that why you can choose the dates around their availability. Godparents will often also help with planning, which is great news for you as with planning any sort of event the more help - the better! However, if you like to plan things by yourself just politely let them know you prefer to do things yourself. When picking the perfect godparent, don’t take the decision lightly! Choose someone you know can and will help to support you and your child.


What To Wear?

The christening gown is a very important statement of a christening, however you need to consider how quickly your little one will grow! If your christening is in months time, do not purchase a christening gown now. It is sensible to buy the christening gown as close to the christening as possible for this reason. For you, a christenings dress code is often smart - why not wear a smart casual dress or casual suit?


Planning The Party

It is tradition to have a post-christening party, this can be anything from a small gathering to a big after party with family and friends! Also known as; ‘wetting the babies head’. This is not part of the religious ceremony, but is done after the majority of christenings. Do not forget to send out invitations and politely ask your guests to RSVP, as this will allow you to plan for the number of people coming. Consider the location of the post-christening party and how close it is to the church, and ensure you let people that may have travelled know the address - you could even provide people with a small map from the church to the venue within the invites top as a nice gesture! If you want to check out our christening must haves, follow this link:

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