Linen is the New Tinsel

Linen is the New Tinsel

et’s give some love to our linen sashes. They’re all-rounders and look divine, boosting any bash. Let’s be honest, as far as enhancing effLects go, they’re the perfect go-to to spruce up any sort of celebration and have your guests surrounded by a warm ambience.


As this year’s Christmas festivities creep up on us consider adding our lovely lightweight linen sashes to your repertoire of decorative swag. They’re simply ideal for using to decorate chairs to give off that vintage and rustic feel, the lightness of the delicately soft fabric means they’re easy to manipulate and mould into shape to suit your purpose.


You’re able to transform any table using our sashes as table runners, adding a classic and fresh touch. Pick from our many colours and shades, the slick and smart look of the runners are a surefire way to bring the style to the party and top off any table. Why not look at our hessian bunting to complete a dinner or buffet table to die for.


In addition to sprinkling life into seating and tables, the Yuletide season gives us the perfect opportunity to go to town and create inviting scenes of seasonal joy. How good would your Christmas tree look with a few linen sashes lovingly wrapped around it? Our extended range of colours and shades means you can turn any tree into a tasteful yet eye-catching showcase for any setting you desire.




If you’re worried your tree looks a bit dull, throw some colourful sashes around it, stand back to marvel at the beautiful transformation. Santa will most definitely want to stop by! A superb alternative to tinsel (and less mess on the floor – winner!), they’re timeless and can be reused for many years. With all the headaches and stresses centred around annual festivities, be rest assured your tree will always look bang-on.



 Imagine the fun you can have dressing your tree. You can drape, wind around, or even make beautiful big bows from the sashes, basically make the tree of your dreams. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year so why not enjoy every second and have something breathtaking standing tall in your home. They’ll look brilliant with any type of bauble, hanging ornament, or crackers. Use them for the base too, why not, it’ll be stunning.


Of course, the fun doesn’t have to stop there, it is Christmas after all. The beauty of our sashes is that they’ll tease out the creativity in you. Here’s a few other ideas and ways to use them:


  • As lovely little tiebacks for your curtains or drapes
  • To wrap around the bottom of flower bouquets
  • Make gorgeous bows to pimp up your presents
  • Decorate your wreaths
  • Dress table legs
  • Use as a tie around belt to top off any party outfit


They really are one of the most versatile products out there. We sell them in packs of 10, so could be used for 6 chairs and also for your tree. With one pack you can get your grotto on and transform your home into a delightfully tasteful seasonal wonderland.

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